The Professor recently learned a cat-pleasing technique (from Amihan) of petting/pulling on the fur at nape of Gunther’s neck. Yes, I know how strange/pervy that sentence sounds. It gets all sort of loose fur off of G, and he (cat, not man) gets 110% blissed out by it.


Well, The Prof picked me up at the airport today –

Prof: You know that thing Gunther really likes?

Brandy: Yeah…

Prof: Well, I was doing that to him. I was watching tv and lost track… Gunther’s got a bald spot.

Gunther’s got two bald spots, one behind each ear:

The Professor grew up pet-less, so I’m happy whenever he and the cat bond. But I will admit every time Gunther turns away I simultaneously laugh and wince. The Protective, Overly Proud Cat Mama in my thinks, “My poor handsome boy…”

He’s still a heartbreaker: