Things have been rough lately. But I’m very thankful for a good date with The Professor today. We had a tasty, hearty breakfast at our local diner, then headed to Brookfield Zoo. Happily we used museum passes from the library for free admissions. More happily, it was a beautiful sunny days, high around 40. Even more happily, this weekend winter visit found the zoo nearly empty. Like have our own private zoo. Here’s a small set of photos posted here on Flickr.

The neatest/creepiest moment of the day was seeing a mama naked mole rat ready to pop out her babies. Her belly was taught with wriggling babies.

How glad am I that I’ll never have wriggling babies in me? Very.

Polar bears are my favorite and was hoping to see them. Brookfiled is building a new Bear Wilderness area. The existing areas were built when the zoo opened, in the 30’s. Happy the bears will get bigger, better digs. Bummer to see no bears. This is as close as I got. The Mold-a-Rama bear.

The polar bear is telling The Professor its secrets.

The Professor leaves tomorrow for two weeks of all sorts of prefessorial things. Very glad we had a very nice date today.