I started blogging in 2000. I was a zealot for several years. Then my life got busier. Then Web 2.0 kicked in and our online lives weren’t about getting everyone to go to MY site, but about putting me on everyone ELSE’s site (Friendster, MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, etc, freakin’ etc.). My online time went from focus on the lovely, colorful Loosetooth.com kingdom to being scattered across a bunch of site. And then I fell in love and a huge chunk of my social life became about a private life I wanted private. Now my blogs are sad, neglected, fallow.

I really hope that Web 3.0 still lets us connect with others but in some way that doesn’t feel like we’re at a nonstop cocktail party. One’s online identity is so fractured and linked to whatever sites you most resonate with (my favorite Flickr groups, or connecting to the watercooler that is my Facebook Live Feed). I want to polish the finials on Loosetooth.com‘s little wrought iron fence, but I spend all my time in other places. I miss home.

I’m experimenting with WordPress. Hoping it’s categories, tags, tools, widgets can give Loosetooth.com a lil love.