Yellow Still Life


My worktable: roll of paper, Neuland markers, necklace, computer, hard drive and daffodils shining bright. I’m thankful for daffodil season.


The Professor recently learned a cat-pleasing technique (from Amihan) of petting/pulling on the fur at nape of Gunther’s neck. Yes, I know how strange/pervy that sentence sounds. It gets all sort of loose fur off of G, and he (cat, not man) gets 110% blissed out by it.


Well, The Prof picked me up at the airport today –

Prof: You know that thing Gunther really likes?

Brandy: Yeah…

Prof: Well, I was doing that to him. I was watching tv and lost track… Gunther’s got a bald spot.

Gunther’s got two bald spots, one behind each ear:

The Professor grew up pet-less, so I’m happy whenever he and the cat bond. But I will admit every time Gunther turns away I simultaneously laugh and wince. The Protective, Overly Proud Cat Mama in my thinks, “My poor handsome boy…”

He’s still a heartbreaker:

Missing Mom


I finished my 2009 Year-In-Review newsletter (you can join in here). That includes the sad news that my Mom died Oct 2nd. I added this, my all-time favorite photo of my Mom and I:

Last Spring I started drawing flowers, berries and a few butterflies on pink denim. I was about 40% into the drawing when I set it aside. Thankfully, I just picked it up and finishing the remaining 60%.

These pics are terrible, but I can tell you this dress is lovely. Or it will be when I carve out some time to sew it. Hopefully, Spring 2010, not 2011.

This is the next in the series of the same basic jumper dress, aka The Uniform.

Save the Celery!


Prepping snacks for tonight’s fun with Richelle & Dave and Rail Baron, The Professor cut celery. We both looked down at this end of a stalk and thought the same thing –

Date in the Sky


Just a cute pic of The Professor and I at the observation deck of the Hancock Building.

Here’s my inaugural graphic facilitation video tutorial. Yes, there will be more.

Click here for the video’s permanent home on with a PDF of the image drawn and notes.

Thanks for watching!