Please mosey over to my graphic facilitation portfolio to see the newest entry. A map of Johnny B. Truant and Lee Stranahan’s conversation about punk rock and entrepreneurship.

Here’s a sneak peak:


Brandy Agerbeck holds a copy of book with her image on cover

This is SO exciting. I’m holding my very own hand-delivered copy of Pamela Meyer‘s book, From Workplace to Playspace: Innovating, Learning and Changing Through Dynamic Engagement.

Those are MY “Ico” guys on the cover! And my graphic facilitation work inside. Hooray!

Pamela & I have had a great collaboration for over a decade. We developed the model of the Playspace process for her dissertation. I’m so happy that work became this book. Even happier that I’m part of an absolute rock-star team of people who’ve spent the past year developing an offering to help organizations foster the principles of Playspace.

The book is filled with examples and ideas for people at all levels of an organization who want to create dynamic, fun and inspiring spaces where everyone can work at their best. I absolutely love that the book has a chapter dedicated to each piece of the conceptual model, the qualities that must all be present to foster this environment of play. And each of those chapters has a great case study of a business who is making Playspace happen and what results they are getting. AND each chapter describes what you can do as a leader, as a facilitator, as a participant. Very accessible principles you can start using whether you’re in power or not.

I was lucky enough to get to read the manuscript. I really enjoyed that I could “diagnose” what has made some company cultures so great to work with. I’m also very proud that those of us working on this new Playspace venture truly walk the walk.

We, the Playspace Co., are not quite ready for prime time yet. I hope you’ll read the book. And if you’re interested in more, please sign up for the newsletter on at

Here’s a pic of the bib necklace I designed and made to wear to my friend Alise’s wedding this weekend. I’ll post more details soonish. (By soonish I mean when I eke out time between graphic facilitation gigs and if I don’t get the creeping crud that I feel looming.) Details below –

bib necklace made by Brandy Agerbeck

It is shiny. It makes me happy. All this began with a segment on Martha Stewart’s show I saw at the gym. Aided by a NYC gig allowing me access to the mecca that is M&J Trimming.

At M&J Trimming I bought a bunch of silver, gray, white and black sequines, rhinstones, odds and ends. I was most in love with the white leather jewels and the long thin sequins. Then I found a tin of old rhinestone jewelry Alise gave me, from an estate sale. And found a few other bits and bobs in my stash.

The next part is the bestest, funest part. I absolutely love sorting and arranging things. I separated everything into The Best Craft Tool Ever: muffin tins. Then I started arranging everything on a black piece of paper. I took a digital photo of each composition:

Then I set the project aside so I could have “fresh eyes” to look at it later.

I ended up with a None of the Above design that didn’t use any of those beloved white leather jobbies. I used black velvet for the background.

First I glued everything down with Fabric Tac. *whew* Fumey!

Then I sewed everything down. I think the MSL video says you can do glue-only. Some of the pieces fell off before I could glue them done – the backside were too smooth and nonporous to really stick. So, I recommend sewing everything, even if it’s tedious. I both glue and sewed the ribbon in. At this point I was tired of sewing, so I “hemmed” the edges with glue.

Here’s the nearly finished piece, modeled by Gunther the Very Handsome Cat. He loves to sit on the table while I work and was happy to lay on the extra velvet. This is actually a candid pic:

Next I sewed on those awesome long sequins. It was futzy, but I think the result was worth the effort. Lastly, I glued the whole darn thing to a black felt backing and trimmed away the extra felt.

Here’s the finished necklace:

Uh, yes, The Girls were out for the event. I wore a velvet vest from New York & Co (bought a few years ago), with black pinstripe pants and a black jacket from Lane Bryant. Was comfy in the cold and could really boogie down at the reception sans jacket. The necklace was a big hit and I wonder when I’ll next get to wear it…

I know I’m such a tease. I’m sorry to tempt you with one intro video and then a whole lot of nothing. I’ve got great stuff baking, nothing ready to come out of the oven. Personally, it’s been a tough winter of grief, depression and fatigue. Professionally, it’s been stellar with more work than ever. I’m eternally grateful that I’ve been able to pull it together and not let the personal impinge on the professional.

That combination and some pesky other annoyances (like getting a Flip Video camera with a bum battery) have made progress hard. Please do stay tuned!

Here’s my inaugural graphic facilitation video tutorial. Yes, there will be more.

Click here for the video’s permanent home on with a PDF of the image drawn and notes.

Thanks for watching!

I started blogging in 2000. I was a zealot for several years. Then my life got busier. Then Web 2.0 kicked in and our online lives weren’t about getting everyone to go to MY site, but about putting me on everyone ELSE’s site (Friendster, MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, etc, freakin’ etc.). My online time went from focus on the lovely, colorful kingdom to being scattered across a bunch of site. And then I fell in love and a huge chunk of my social life became about a private life I wanted private. Now my blogs are sad, neglected, fallow.

I really hope that Web 3.0 still lets us connect with others but in some way that doesn’t feel like we’re at a nonstop cocktail party. One’s online identity is so fractured and linked to whatever sites you most resonate with (my favorite Flickr groups, or connecting to the watercooler that is my Facebook Live Feed). I want to polish the finials on‘s little wrought iron fence, but I spend all my time in other places. I miss home.

I’m experimenting with WordPress. Hoping it’s categories, tags, tools, widgets can give a lil love.